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But I never set out to be a photographer. I was (and still am!) going to be a writer. And then as I worked toward that writing goal, someone put a camera in my hand and asked me to try telling stories with something besides words. So with an English nerd's love for character and tone, a romantic's love for poignant beauty, and a realist's love for imperfection, I dove in.

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That was back in 2010.

Since that time, photography has changed much of my life. It's brought me some of my dearest friends. It's reshaped the way my husband Danny and I view serving others. It has even literally taken me around the world. One thing that hasn't changed: my soul-stirring desire to tell stories that feel so real you're sure you knew them before you heard them. Or saw them. It's my privilege to tell those stories for my clients, and for the generations of their families still to come.

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Wedding Planning Wednesday # 38: How to: Kiss Your Groom | Florida Wedding Photographers

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

It seems like something we all surely know how to do, right? Wrong. We might be experts at kissing our significant other . . . but that doesn’t mean we’re experts at looking good while we do it.

Here’s a little breakdown on how to look great when you’re kissing each other during your engagement photos and on the wedding day!

Start by leaning in, romantically. . .Then go for the kiss — gently. The thing is, a lot of us have a tendency to get all fishy-faced when we’re smooching. And that’s fine for everyday kissing, but in pictures, it just looks like you’re making a fish face. So keep your lips relaxed and simply press them together . . .And then, as you pull away from each other, just smile. Because you know you want to!~ Laura

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