Mary + Adam – A New Smyrna Beach Proposal + Engagement

About a month before it took place, Adam began planning an elaborate proposal. It involved location scouting, a few white lies (as far as Mary knew, I was a friend of Adam’s from school and just wanted a couple to pose for my camera), love notes tucked inside seashells — which Mary collects — and the perfect piece of sparkle. Most of all, it involved making Mary feel like she was the most important person in the world, especially as far as Adam is concerned.

And perhaps the very best part of it all? How adorably oblivious Mary was that Adam was about to drop down on one knee. She knew just how much he loved her. She knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She was just too sweetly unassuming to think that he’d put together such a beautiful proposal – and planned to have it all captured on camera!
Proposal photography Daytona Beach Florida proposal photographer New Smyrna I sent Adam off with Danny for a few “individual portraits.” Really, Adam just needed a chance to slip the ring inside one of the shells! But it gave me a chance to photograph Mary alone, just moments before Adam proposed — and Mary, you were already radiant. Daytona Beach wedding and engagement photographer And then — wait, what’s this little table doing here in the middle of the mangroves . . . ? New Smyrna Beach proposal Florida proposal photography So. Much. Happiness.

And I was crying behind my camera. That kind of joy overflows to everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. New Smyrna Beach proposal photography Daytona Beach proposal photography Florida beach wedding photographers Daytona Beach With the big surprise unveiled, we gave Mary and Adam a few minutes alone to soak in the excitement . . . and maybe make a few phone calls. Then we headed out into the delicious golden hour for their instant engagement session! New Smyrna Beach wedding and engagement photographer New Smyrna Beach wedding and engagement photography Daytona Beach wedding and engagement photographers Daytona Beach wedding and engagement photography Central Florida wedding and engagement photography New Smyrna engagement photography Florida beach wedding photography New Smyrna Beach New Smyrna engagement and wedding photographer New Smyrna wedding photographer Could we have asked for a more beautiful fall evening in Florida? It was the perfect day to get engaged!
New Smyrna Beach wedding photographer Daytona engagement photography Florida wedding and engagement photographer Daytona Beach Florida wedding and engagement photographers New Smyrna The cushion cut diamond Adam found for Mary suited her perfectly – and it was exactly what she’d wanted.
Florida beach wedding photographer Daytona New Smyrna Beach Florida engagement Florida engagement photography New Smyrna I asked Adam to tell Mary exactly why he was so excited to marry her, and there were more tears. Florida beach wedding photography New Smyrna Wedding and engagement photographer New Smyrna Beach
Brides don’t only glow on their wedding day. They definitely glow on their engagement day, too!
New Smyrna Beach Florida engagement photographer New Smyrna Beach proposal and engagement photography New Smyrna Beach engagement and wedding photography Florida engagement photography Daytona Beach New Smyrna engagement and wedding photographers Florida engagement and wedding photographer New Smyrna Florida wedding photographer New Smyrna Beach And one of my all-time favorite photo pairings to end with: Florida wedding and engagement photography Mary and Adam, we are so happy and excited for you! Being a part of your proposal was a huge honor and our pleasure, and we know that what comes next for you two will be just as incredible!

~ Laura

Lyndsay + TJ – An Ormond Beach Elopement

Lyndsay and TJ had planned the most perfectly romantic Florida elopement: Gorgeous locations dripping with Spanish moss, sunlight, and sea oats, an ethereal champagne colored wedding gown, and a toast to their marriage as they watched the sun set at the beach. It couldn’t have been more beautiful if it had come straight out of a storybook.

Whenever I tell someone (who isn’t part of the wedding industry) I’m shooting an elopement that’s been planned for months, their first reaction is to look confused. Aren’t elopements unplanned? A spontaneous decision by a couple to skip town and get hitched without any fanfare? Well, that’s how they used to be. These days, elopements are usually tiny weddings — no guests, or very few, but there’s usually still a wedding gown, flowers, a photographer, and stunning portraits involved. Elopements are intimate celebrations, but they’re just as much of a celebration for the couple as a large-scale wedding. See for yourself.
Florida elopement photography Eloping in Ormond Beach Florida They exchanged their personal wedding vows under the grand old Fairchild Oak at Bulow Creek State Park.
Wedding and elopement photographer Daytona Beach Ormond Beach wedding and elopement photographer Daytona Beach elopement photography It felt like the sunlight was celebrating right along with the newlyweds!

And, Lyndsay, you were flawless. I think TJ knew he was the luckiest guy in the world. Florida elopement photographers In place of a wedding reception, they shared a wedding picnic on a quiet stretch of pristine beach. Daytona Beach elopement photographers Ormond Beach elopement photographer Ormond Beach elopement photography
I love this moment! Daytona Beach wedding photojournalism Daytona Beach elopement photographer Eloping in Daytona Beach Florida Lynday’s Essense of Australia gown, from Bridal LTD Gallery., was just the right mix of romance and elegance, and it looked easy and breezy enough for the beach! Florida beach elopement photographer So cute!
Florida elopement photographer Florida beach elopement Ormond Beach elopement photographers Ormond Beach elopement and wedding photographer
Again, Lyndsay — just gorgeous! And TJ, you were looking quite dapper! Wedding photographer Daytona Beach Ormond Beach elopement Daytona Beach elopement Elopement photographer Daytona Beach
The watercolor sky and sea were the perfect ending to a perfect elopement. Ormond Beach Florida Lyndsay and TJ, I was so grateful to be there to capture the start of your marriage, and I wish you two the very best in your life together!

~ Laura

Two Weeks Vegan

Yesterday was day 14 of what started innocently enough as a 7-day vegan cleanse.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know the salads below aren’t vegan. They include cheese. And yes, for two weeks, I’ve eaten no cheese, no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs, no butter, no dairy of any kind. In short, I’ve eaten nothing that didn’t grow out of the ground. It has been fabulous.
Laura Yang Photography After the Pursuit Conference, with buffet after buffet of delicious Southern fried goodness, and then a weekend with relatives that involved lots of yummy pizza and pub food, I knew I needed to reset my system. For a week last spring, I ate vegan, and I decided I would do it again at the end of September/beginning of October. Over the past few years, as I’ve experimented with food and sought to make healthy eating a top priority, I’ve learned that I feel best when I’m eating a low fat diet built around plant-based ingredients. I just didn’t realize how well I do with that kind of diet.

In two weeks of eating a vegan, whole food diet (the only processed ingredients I’ve had have been a few soy vanilla chai lattes at Starbucks, and I had gluten for the first time in over two weeks when I baked a dessert last night), here are a few of the things I’ve learned about how my body reacts:

  • I’ve had just as much if not more energy, and no mid-day “crashes.”
  • I’ve felt full more quickly, but wanted to snack between meals — thus eating proper portions and maintaining my blood sugar throughout the day.
  • I’ve dropped several pounds while I haven’t been exercising, which tells me those were completely unnecessary extra pounds.
  • I haven’t felt like I’ve been missing out by not eating meat, dairy, eggs, or processed foods. It’s true. I haven’t craved any meat, or even cheese, and I love cheese! And it’s been about three weeks since I touched soda, and already my stomach revolts at the thought of all the high fructose corn syrup, modified vegetable oils and artificial colors.

So what does this mean for me? It doesn’t mean that I’m going to stick to a vegan diet permanently. There are too many foods I want to be free to enjoy . . . such as when we head to EPCOT for the Food and Wine Festival this week. But I think I’m going to stick to a vegan diet about 4-5 days each week.

And I would encourage anyone who has been considering making adjustments to their diets — just do it! If you know your diet is adversely affecting your energy levels, your mood, or your overall health, cut out the things you know are unhealthy and start focusing on whole foods that you love and make you feel great.

~ Laura

Eileen Blume - October 14, 2014 - 5:09 pm

Great post! I’d love to try some of your vegan dishes when we come visit. :)

Christine + Greg – Rehoboth Beach Engagement Portraits

Back in July, we shot engagement portraits with my cousin Christine and her fiance Greg in Rockville, Maryland — and we promised there was more to come. Engagement Session 2.0 happened this past weekend, when we headed to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with them for some pictures in the little beach town where they had their first date on July 4, 2005, where they’ve celebrated their anniversary every year since, and where they’ll be getting married next summer, on the tenth anniversary of that first date. It couldn’t have been a more perfect place to continue their story.

We started out wandering around town and along the boardwalk . . .
Rehoboth Beach Delaware engagement photos Rehoboth Beach Delaware engagement portraits Rehoboth Beach engagement photographer . . . and then after a quick outfit change, we headed down to the beach during the delicious early autumn golden hour.
Florida destination wedding photographer Rehoboth Beach engagement Rehoboth Beach destination engagement Florida wedding photographer Delaware engagement photography Love this next one! And even though I’m from a beach town, I love visiting other beach towns, especially ones farther up the coast. There’s just a different feel to the beach in the Mid Atlantic. Rehoboth Beach engagement Engagement photography Rehoboth Beach My favorite reason to photograph engagement sessions: I love getting to see how much couples love each other. Not just on the wedding day, but when it’s quiet, when it’s just the two of them.
Rehoboth Beach engagement photography A little beach bunny decided to crash our shoot.
Rehoboth engagement Delaware destination wedding photography
Destination engagement photography Rehoboth Beach Florida wedding photographer Rehoboth Beach engagement photos Remember what I said about the delicious light? Christine and Greg, you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening! Florida destination wedding photographer Rehoboth Beach Destination wedding photographer Rehoboth Beach Favorite! Destination wedding photographer Florida Rehoboth Beach engagement photos As the sun dipped behind the horizon, the sky over the ocean turned all the shades of cotton candy. Rehoboth Beach Delaware Rehoboth Beach engagement portraits Florida destination wedding photographers Destination wedding photographer beach portraits Delaware Beach engagement photography Destination wedding photographer Delaware Christine, you looked beautiful — I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day! Rehoboth Beach portraits Florida destination wedding photography Delaware I really, really can’t get over Christine’s ring. And it’s perfect for her! Florida wedding photographers Rehoboth Beach destination engagement photography Another favorite. Engagement photography Rehoboth Beach Delaware Rehoboth Beach photos Christine and Greg, thanks for having us back for a second engagement session — and we are so excited for you both!

~ Laura + Danny

A Meeting of Souls: Pursuit 31 Conference 2014

One week ago at this moment, I was on a hillside in Georgia, surrounded by some of the most beautiful hearts I’ve ever been blessed to know.

We sat together on sunny lawns and wandered around the lake, just soaking in the first warm, tip-toeing hints of autumn. We sipped tea and coffee late into the night as we mustered up the courage to whisper-share our big dreams. And we sang with abandon inside the dim chapel, and later asked each other what it was we felt God calling us to do with our lives, with our gifts and talents, our time and our passions.

For the third year, I went to the Pursuit 31 Conference at WinShape Retreat, and for the third year, I felt as if I were surrounded by long-lost soul mates. Over the past three years, and again last week, these women have hugely impacted the course of my life, and the way I want to live my life.

Here’s just a little peek into it all, thanks to the incredible TréCreative Film & Photo.

~ Laura