Amanda + Brad – Waiting for Baby

Last summer my dear friend (and my own maid of honor in my wedding) married Brad on a beautiful day at The Estate on the Halifax. This summer, they’ll welcome their baby!

Last month, the morning of Amanda’s bridal shower, we slipped away into the mist along The Loop for an early morning maternity portrait session among the backwater and marsh scrub. I just loved everything about it: The anticipation, the easy excitement, the watercolored marshes.

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Daytona Beach maternity lifestyle portraits Needless to say, this is one little guy I cannot wait to meet! We’re counting down the weeks!

~ Laura

Lately, Or Whatever Happened to the Blog?!

When I set out to scale back my blogging last year, I wasn’t intending to nearly abandon the blog altogether, save for posting a few photo shoots and weddings here and there. Then again — when I set out to start a photography business early in 2011, I wasn’t intending to become a blogger! Sometimes things unfold in ways you don’t exactly expect. This blog has been one of them.

I went from posting only when I had new pictures to share, in the summer of 2011, to blogging several times per week in 2012, to consistently blogging five days a week for the majority of 2013 and the first part of 2014, and let me tell you – it was draining. It wasn’t just that coming up with topics, selecting and prepping photographs, and writing and editing my posts was time-consuming. The non-stop blogging became a creative drain that left me with less energy for my photography itself, for my clients, for Danny, and for the personal projects that are my most stirring passions. What I thought would be a good undertaking for my business proved to be something bad for me.

I haven’t missed the daily blogging, because I’ve been filling that time with other aspects of my work, and with other projects — all of which I believe make me a better photographer and a more interesting person. Instead of being immersed 24/7 in the world of weddings and wedding photography, I’m exploring other things, interacting with more people, seeing the world in different ways, and constantly recharging my creative batteries. Danny and I have lots of things to talk about besides photography, pretty much for the first time since we started this business, and I’m incredibly grateful that our life has found a much better balance!

Thanks to Anne for this portrait from Easter Sunday a couple weeks ago! Easter-2015-Laura-and-Danny-for-blog
So I guess if I had to sum up the point of my blog post today, it’s this: Is there something in your life that you thought would be good (for you, for your business, for your family, for your life goals) but that in reality holds you back from achieving what you most want to accomplish? If there is — maybe it’s time to let it go, or as I did with this blog, scale it back to a point where it becomes manageable again?

Think about it. Don’t let “good” keep you from pursuing “great”.

~ Laura

An Elopement at Ormond Memorial Gardens

Earlier this month, on a warm and sunny afternoon that didn’t feel a bit like winter, I had the privilege of capturing a wedding that was small in scale, but definitely not lacking in love.  Florida elopement photography Ormond Beach Ormond Beach wedding photojournalism Daytona wedding photojournalism Daytona Beach wedding and elopement photography Ormond Memorial Gardens Ormond Memorial Gardens weddings Ormond Beach wedding portraits Daytona Beach wedding photographer Ormond Memorial Gardens Florida elopement photographers Ormond Beach Ormond Beach wedding flowers Ormond Beach wedding Ormond Memorial Gardens Ormond Beach wedding photography Ormond Beach elopement Ormond Memorial Gardens wedding photography Daytona Beach wedding and elopement photographer Daytona Beach wedding photographers Ormond Beach wedding ceremony Daytona Beach wedding photojournalism Elopement Ormond Memorial Gardens Ormond Memorial Gardens wedding Daytona Beach wedding Ormond Memorial Garden Daytona Beach elopement photographer Ormomd Memorial Gardens elopement Florida elopement photographer Daytona Beach Daytona Beach wedding photographer Daytona Beach elopement Ormond Beach elopement photography Ormond Beach elopement photographer Florida elopement photographer Ormond Beach Ormond Beach wedding Congratulations to the newlyweds!

~ Laura


Venue: Ormond Memorial Gardens
Flowers: Marguerite’s Florist
Photography: Laura Yang Photography

CrossFit Portraits – Joelle + Shane at CrossFit Port Orange

Remember the Bartholomews’ awesome family shoot from this past fall? Those rustic Daytona Beach family portraits weren’t the only time we photographed Joelle and Shane. Danny and Ialso  met up with them at CrossFit Port Orange, where they’ve spent the past couple years getting into the best shape of their lives. Today — when the CrossFit Games 2015 officially begin — seems like the perfect time to share their shoot!

It was so much fun doing a photo shoot that was completely out of the norm for us — and so much fun seeing how much fun these two have together while they’re working out.
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Why Digital Files Can Never Replace an Heirloom Wedding Album

A few days ago, I tied a ribbon around a box and tucked a handwritten card inside, and I drove across town to deliver our latest wedding album. We’re putting the finishing touches on another album right now. Central Florida Wedding Photographer wedding albums The truth is that, compared to our parents’ generation, far fewer couples of our generation will have wedding albums preserving the day their marriage began. They may have more comprehensive photographic coverage of their weddings, more pictures of what happens behind the scenes, more images of beautiful details. But so, so many couples will only have these memories saved on their computers.

Well, wedding photographs shouldn’t stay on computers.

Most couples want digital images these days, and we’re big believers in that; we always give our couples the edited digital images from their weddings, because we know that’s important. Even more though, having wedding images in your hands is important. Technology changes, computer hard drives fail, and who hasn’t lost track of passwords and entire file folders on our computers? Also, it’s hard to imagine gathering grandchildren around the computer or view wedding images on the screen.

That leads me to the most important fact about wedding albums: We believe that an album is never just for the couple. An album is for children, to flip through with their parents and understand how their family began. An album is for grandchildren, to learn about their family’s legacy. An album is for great grandchildren, to learn just who the great-grandparents they never met really were.

Central Florida Wedding Photographer wedding album That leads to my next point about albums: An album is lasting. A top quality handmade album will outlive the couple pictured inside it. A wedding album is a family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next. It’s a one-of-a-kind, beautiful and enduring record of a family’s beginning. Viewing digital images simply doesn’t have the same impact as looking at printed images in a heavy, luxurious album — something that can’t be changed or deleted. If your marriage isn’t something you’ll just delete, it seems fitting that your wedding images should have the same kind of permanence for future generations.

So if at all possible, consider having your photographer preserve your wedding images in an album. But if you still believe digital images are all you need from your wedding — as Danny and I did when we got married, although we feel so differently now! — please, at least print your wedding pictures. Put them in frames around your house. Enjoy them every day. Turn them into something tangible to share with future generations.

~ Laura