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Ever since our business began, Danny and I have focused on shooting weddings. But more and more, I’m loving working with families on an ordinary day, just capturing a little bit of their personalities, a little peek into their lives at that specific moment. Because, while weddings only happen once, this exact time in a family’s life, whatever time that may be, also only happens once. And it’s just as worthy of holding on to.

Last week I got together for a shoot with some  old friends and their kids, who were just babies (or not born yet!) when I first met them. It’s so much fun seeing how a family’s dynamic evolves as kids grow into their personalities and how parents and kids become friends.
Daytona Beach Florida lifestyle family photography And, okay, truth-telling moment here: Photographing the parents during a family session is still possibly my favorite part. I absolutely love photographing couples and seeing the ways they interact, the ways they look at each other, the ways they hold hands or link arms or lock eyes. And I especially love photographing couples who are parents, because they don’t necessarily get a lot of time to just be a couple when there are kids in the house. And these two? Every bit as adorable as they were when they were middle school sweethearts. Daytona Beach wedding and family photography Family photography Daytona Beach Daytona Beach family lifestyle photography I loved this. The guys told each other jokes all afternoon, competing to see who could make the others laugh the hardest. Daytona family photographer Port Orange family photographer Daytona Beach Florida family photography Family photography Daytona Beach Florida Daytona Beach Florida photography One of my favorites! Daytona Beach family portrait photographer Lifestyle photography Daytona Beach Port Orange family photography Daytona Beach photography Daytona family photography Yes. Just yes. Port Orange wedding and family photography Family photographer Daytona Beach After a quick outfit change, we were back to shooting. Daytona Beach portrait photographer Daytona Beach photographers Daytona Beach photographer Lifestyle photographer Daytona Beach Daytona Beach portraits Port Orange family lifestyle photography Daytona Beach family photojournalism A wintery sunset wrapped the evening up perfectly. Daytona Beach family portraits Thank you so much for a great afternoon, you guys!

~ Laura

A Few Tips for Posing Yourself in Holiday Pictures

Next week we’ll roll into the holidays again — that wonderful time of year when there is no shortage of family and friends and food . . . and probably photographs. Thanksgiving dinner with the family? Picture time! Christmas cocktails with the girls? Let’s all look cute for the camera!

Whenever Danny and I pose our subjects for portraits, we try to pass along a few simple tips they can use any time they’re photographed, because it’s amazing how changing the way you stand oh-so-slightly can determine whether you like how you look in your pictures. So here are a few quick– very quick, and by no means comprehensive — tricks for looking your best each time a friend wants to grab a quick group photo. Of course there are times when we intentionally break these rules when we’re posing our subjects individually, and different bodies pose well different ways, but here are some standard go-to rules that will help anyone, male or female, look great in a snap.

Turn your body at a three-quarters angle to the camera rather than facing the camera squarely — it’s frequently more figure flattering: Daytona Beach photographer

Put your weight on the leg farther away from the camera and put a little bend in the leg nearer the camera — it will keep you from appearing rigid, and as an added bonus, it can be slimming: New Smyrna Beach photographer If you’re sitting, be sure to cross your legs away from the camera rather than toward the camera — it will almost always be more flattering to your legs: Daytona Beach photographers Tilt your head slightly — it will make you look loose and relaxed: Daytona Beach photography

Give your hands something to do so your arms don’t just hang at your sides – it will help you look comfortable and purposeful: Florida wedding photographer Oh, and one more thing, but I think you’ve probably got this one down:


~ Laura

Alicia – Ormond Beach Equine Senior Portraits

When I found out Alicia wanted to do senior portraits with her Thoroughbred, Leo, out at Hidden Creek Stable, I knew we were going to make some magic. I’d photographed at Hidden Creek before, late this summer, so I’d already seen what a perfect place it is for pictures. But take one high school girl with a glowing smile, one handsome bay gelding, and one glorious fall afternoon and you have a recipe for something really special.
Orlando senior portrait photography Daytona Beach Really, really special. I mean, really! The picture above was a combination of my idea and Alicia’s — a collaboration that Leo went along with once Alicia’s mom, Cynthia, came up with the idea of hiding Leo’s treats between Alicia’s fingers.
Daytona Beach senior portrait photography Ormond Beach senior portrait photography Orlando senior portrait photography See what I mean about Alicia’s smile? Her eyes almost flicker when she smiles, and you just have to smile back. Alicia, you are just as pretty on the outside as on the inside.
Senior portrait photography Daytona Beach Ormond Beach senior portraits We pulled Mom and Dad in for a few family portraits. With Leo, of course, since he’s part of the family.
Ormond Beach lifestyle photographer Florida lifestyle family photographer Daytona Beach Aaahhhh!
Senior portraits Daytona Beach Florida Senior portraits Daytona Beach Daytona Beach senior portrait photographer Daytona Beach senior portraits To end off the shoot, Alicia made a quick change into her riding clothes and schooled Leo over some cross rails. He seemed to think we should all just call it a night and go have dinner, but he went along with the plan without too much grumbling. Lifestyle photographer Daytona Beach Lifestyle senior portraits Daytona Beach Ormond Beach photographer Ormond Beach photography Ormond Beach lifestyle portrait photographer Alicia, I loved spending the afternoon with you and Leo and your family! Here’s to a great senior year!

~ Laura

Hairstyling: Grace Cobb
Makeup: Sarah Graff

Cynthia West Tineo - November 20, 2014 - 2:03 am

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us . For all the comments left here, will increase Alicia’s chances to get a special picture from her shoot.
Thank you for sharing our special moments with Alicia and Leo.

Janet Cataudella Peburn - November 20, 2014 - 2:17 am

Laura, these photos are stunning! Alicia, you look gorgeous! Cynthia, love the family picture… Perfect Christmas Card photo!

Jamie Vanderpool Fish - November 20, 2014 - 4:58 am

Such awesome photos!! Loving the pics! A beautiful girl with her handsome boy :-). So natural looking, really captured their love for each other.

Suzanne Hill Buckner - November 20, 2014 - 5:43 am

Awesome photos!

Brittany + Justin – A Sunrise Engagement in Ormond Beach

When we first talked about their wedding, back in June, something happened that we’d never experienced with another bride during a pre-wedding meeting before: As Brittany and Justin sat in their house and I sat in mine, on the other end of a Skype call, Brittany got all choked up, and I even saw a few tears. She talked about what she was anticipating for their wedding day, and how she wanted to experience the full range of emotion she saw written on the faces of the couples whose weddings she’d seen on our website. It was so clear so quickly, just what Justin meant to her, and what she meant to Justin. They talked about the details of their wedding — the travel theme, the colors, the venue — but mostly they talked about how much it meant to them to get married.

At their engagement session on The Loop earlier this month, we got to see for ourselves just how much they mean to each other.
Daytona wedding photographers Brittany, you looked so beautiful at your engagement shoot — we can’t wait to see how radiant you are as a bride! Daytona Beach Florida wedding photographer Ormond Beach wedding and engagement photographers Ormond Beach wedding photographer The happiness in both their smiles was contagious. And the sunrise looked so good on these two! Daytona Beach Florida wedding photographers Daytona Beach wedding photographers Ormond Beach wedding photography A girl and her man . . . and her dog. Brittany and Justin brought along Whiskey, their super-smart Australian shepherd who posed as well for the camera as most people. We talked about how when Brittany and Justin get married this spring, Brittany won’t be the only one whose last name changes — Whiskey is going to become a Willis, too! Wedding photography Daytona Daytona Beach engagement photographer With Whiskey there to oversee the shoot, could it have been any more appropriate to photograph Brittany’s gorgeous pear-shaped diamond ring (designed by Justin) on a flask?!
Daytona wedding photographer Daytona Beach engagement photography Wedding photographers Daytona Wedding photography Daytona Beach Daytona wedding photography After an outfit change, we wrapped up the shoot at Ames Park. The plan had been to do additional pictures at a local diner, but when the diner was unexpectedly closed even though they’d confirmed the shoot with the owner, they rolled with it and quickly suggested a Plan B that was as good as any Plan A we could think of. See for yourself.
Ormond Beach wedding and engagement photographer Ormond Beach engagement and wedding photographer Daytona Beach Florida engagement photography So, so cute, you two! (Don’t they just look like they’re a couple of 1930′s socialites breezing around a cottage on holiday?!)
Wedding photographer Daytona Ormond Beach engagement photography Daytona Beach wedding photographer Daytona Beach Florida wedding photography Ormond Beach wedding and engagement photography Ormond Beach wedding photographers And we’ll end with one of my favorites — a moment that unfolded organically, and after I’d already switched off my camera as we headed back to our cars at the end of the shoot. These are the kinds of authentic, love-filled moments that make me absolutely love being a photographer! Daytona Beach wedding photography Brittany and Justin, if your engagement session was any indication, you’re going to have one wonderful wedding day next May! We had so much fun with you during this shoot, and we are so excited for your wedding!

~ Laura + Danny

Tarra Peterson - November 17, 2014 - 1:19 pm

Absolutely stunning!!!

Justin Willis - November 17, 2014 - 1:26 pm

Thank you so much, Laura and Danny. We loved every minute of it. And yes, we cannot wait for our wedding day, as there is so much love and joy to share.

Lauren Carlson-Farese - November 17, 2014 - 3:02 pm

I’m absolutely blown away by these gorgeous shots! Just simply beautiful… the couple, their pup and the photography :)

Dave Harris - November 18, 2014 - 12:19 am

Great shots of a great couple!

Elizabeth + Allen – A Rustic Florida Ranch Wedding

Outside of Orlando’s busy sprawl, up I-75 and twisting and turning along old country roads that feel like a portal into mid-Twentieth Century America, there’s a pristine patch of earth near Bushnell, Florida, where Allen’s family built their beautiful ranch. It’s a place where his family spends much of their time, and it was where Elizabeth and Allen knew they wanted their marriage to begin, under the oak trees and overlooking the pastures Allen’s late cousin, his best friend, had loved.

It was a perfect fall day — crisp skies, clean light, cool (enough, for Florida) air. All their guests enjoyed the property, meticulously and lovingly prepared for Elizabeth and Allen’s rustic wedding, Allen’s uncle, the pastor who performed the ceremony, was nearly as emotional as the couple when they exchanged their vows, and everyone danced the night away in the chandelier-bedecked barn. But the wedding day began, as wedding days should always begin: Filled with anticipation for what was about to unfold. Elizabeth was absolutely radiant.
Orlando Florida wedding photographer bridal portraits Wedding photographers Orlando Florida Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photojournalist bride getting ready Central Florida wedding photography Bridal prep Florida wedding photographer Elizabeth chose to wear her mother’s ballet slippers — the ballet slippers her mother had worn for her own wedding. I loved the significance of Elizabeth’s something old, and I loved this moment Elizabeth shared with her sister and maid of honor, Caroline.
Orlando FL wedding photojournalism Then it was off to the ranch.
Rustic wedding photography Florida Florida wedding photographers Orlando wedding photography bridal portraits Elizabeth’s beautiful florals came from Allen’s aunt, Sherry Krawczyk — a florist whose beautiful work we’ve been lucky enough to have photographed before. I loved Elizabeth’s sweet and simple bouquet, the elegant lace edging on her veil, her bridesmaids’ sweeping dresses. Wedding photographer Orlando Orlando wedding photojournalist Wedding photojournalism Orlando Elizabeth, you were stunning! Florida wedding photographer bridal portraits Bushnell Florida wedding photographer Orlando bridal portrait photography Then came one of my favorite wedding day traditions: The bridesmaids circled up, and Elizabeth’s mother prayed over her daughter, her soon-to-be-son, and the marriage that was about to begin. Orlando wedding photograph Central Florida wedding photojournalism Meanwhile, on another part of the ranch, Allen got ready for his bride. Wedding photojournalism Florida Florida wedding photojournalists Allen gifted his groomsmen wooden razors, each with a unique color and grain in the wood. Rustic wedding photojournalism Florida Wedding photojournalism Orlando FL Looking sharp, guys! Florida wedding photographer rustic outdoor wedding Bushnell Florida wedding Bushnell Florida wedding photography Have you ever seen a prettier ceremony setup? I just gasped when I walked into this fairy tale.
Outdoor wedding ceremony Florida wedding photography Rustic outdoor wedding ceremony ideas Rustic ranch wedding photography Florida What followed was one of the most beautiful, emotional, poignant ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed.
Orlando rustic wedding photojournalism Orlando Florida wedding photojournalist outdoor wedding Florida wedding photojournalism Orlando wedding photojournalism Wedding photojournalism Florida rustic wedding Wedding photography Florida The oak grove, brimming with Spanish moss and sunlight, was the perfect setting for Elizabeth and Allen’s wedding portraits with their bridal party. Wedding photographer Florida Orlando Florida wedding photography Orlando wedding photographer bridal party portraits Then came some of my favorite bride and groom portraits to date. Starting with these two. Elizabeth and Allen just looked so right together, and I don’t think she could stop smiling!
Orlando Florida wedding photographer Wedding photographers Florida Wedding photographer Orlando Florida
Orlando wedding photographer rustic wedding Those eyes! Florida natural light wedding photographer Bushnell wedding photography Orlando wedding photography portraits Central Florida wedding photographers Florida wedding photography Even when we had to stop shooting to frantically sweep a whole hill’s worth of fire ants off Elizabeth’s train, she just kept smiling. They were so happy to be married!

As they joined the cocktail hour, Danny and I got a peek into their amazing reception setup, under tents and inside the barn.
Florida tented wedding reception photography Florida tented wedding reception Orlando barn wedding photography Central Florida wedding photographer Florida wedding photography tented reception Rustic Florida wedding Rustic wedding ideas Florida wedding photography Talk about a grand entrance!
Florida barn wedding Florida barn wedding photography And then their first dance was just magical: The lights, the chandeliers, the barn rafters — and the way Allen looked at Elizabeth. Wedding photojournalism Florida barn wedding Florida barn wedding photography first dance Wedding photojournalism Orlando barn wedding Wedding photojournalism Orlando Florida What followed was a party! Florida wedding photojournalism barn wedding Florida wedding reception photojournalism Wedding photojournalism Central Florida Orlando wedding photography barn wedding Florida barn wedding reception Orlando Florida barn wedding reception Florida wedding photographer sparkler exit Elizabeth and Allen, thank you so much for having us be a part of your wedding day! We were honored to be there, and we are so happy for you two. We hope that the honeymoon in Jamaica was amazing, but that the years to come will be even better!

~ Laura + Dannty

Venue: Private ranch
Wedding Gown: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Donna Morgan
Groom and Groomsmen’s Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Flowers: Sherry Krawczyk
Catering: Montage Catering
DJ: Adam Passalacqua at Mr. P’s DJ Service
Officiate: Kent Sterchi
Coordinators: Karen DiDea and Marion Arnheim
Videography: TLC Film Productions
Photography: Laura Yang Photography

Mandy korh - November 14, 2014 - 7:04 pm

Beautiful day and ceremony for a beautiful couple

The McIntyre's - November 14, 2014 - 7:22 pm

BEAUTIFUL, wish we could have been there! Happy for you both!

Linda DiDea - November 14, 2014 - 9:21 pm

One of the most beautiful weddings I have had the honor of attending. Elizabeth was a stunning radiant bride and Allen a handsome and romantic groom.
The pictures were breathtaking and filled my heart with joy and tears of happiness. Thank you Laura and Danny for capturing the pure essence of the entire wedding day. The love of this special couple will live on forever …

Elizabeth Hart - November 14, 2014 - 11:08 pm

Love this!! Thank you

Amber Murphy - November 14, 2014 - 11:18 pm

Such a beautiful wedding! The pictures are awesome!

Amy Johnson - November 14, 2014 - 11:21 pm

Stunning pictures of an amazing wedding! These photos definetely stopped the clock on some very special moments.

Jennifer Mcleod Hart - November 14, 2014 - 11:58 pm

Most beautiful wedding in the world

Anonymous - November 15, 2014 - 12:20 am

Wow! What a beautiful bride and beautiful wedding! The pictures are fabulous!

Linda DiDea - November 15, 2014 - 2:29 am

Breathtaking pictures of the most beautiful wedding!

Michael Sanders - November 16, 2014 - 3:39 pm

The pictures turned out great, what a fun wedding!!

Haley Sanders - November 16, 2014 - 3:42 pm

These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Such a gorgeous wedding!

Sharon - November 16, 2014 - 8:45 pm

Absolutely beautiful! God bless

Susie DiDea - November 16, 2014 - 9:15 pm

Beautiful wedding and memory for our family!! Wonderful pictures too. Blessings ….

Elizabeth Sanders - November 17, 2014 - 9:50 am

Love this!

Christina - November 17, 2014 - 2:34 pm

This had to have been a photographer’s dream…the place, the lighting and the WEDDING PARTY=all stunning!!! You all captured the beauty perfectly!!!

Alison - November 17, 2014 - 4:44 pm


Lindsey Phillips - November 17, 2014 - 8:14 pm

What a lovely wedding. Everything was just perfect. Including these photos- captured so well.

Miller and Brenna Phillips - November 17, 2014 - 8:17 pm

Miller says “I had fun.” Brenna says “I liked the wedding.”
They enjoyed the photos, too!

Joanie Schirm - November 17, 2014 - 9:17 pm

This truly is the best wedding photography I’ve seen! It captures the setting and emotions so perfectly.

Marion Arnheim - November 18, 2014 - 8:29 am

Love love love

Karen DiDea - November 20, 2014 - 11:47 pm

Laura and Danny, your professionalism, warmth, attention to detail and talent was amazing to watch as this magical celebration and union of these two special people unfolded. I loved your blog, every picture is better than the last. All my life I wished and prayed for Elizabeth’s special day to be absolutely perfect. And I am so thankful that you were chosen to capture the expression of the love and pure joy that radiates on their faces. Thank you for allowing us to relive this special day that is carved forever in our hearts as WOW.