Our New Website is Here!

We’ve finally done it, guys. After months of considering it, we’ve launched our new website with Showit5! What that means is that now our website works every bit as well on mobile devices as on computer screens, and it’s every bit as easy to navigate on your phone as on your laptop.

And we’re just a little bit excited with all the changes. laura-yang-photography-ormond-beach-photographer

New on the website, in addition to increased functionality and a fresh look: an updated bio and galleries, two brand NEW galleries showcasing Family Documentary photography and Equestrian portraits. And — my favorite parts — the story behind Legacy Portraits, and a look into how I approach each type of portrait session I shoot.

ormond-beach-photographer-laura-yang-photography Want to see more? Hop over to the website and check it all out!

~ Laura

Sisters at Sunset

Between the glowy light filtering in through the pine needles and the girls’ outfits decked with sparkles and tulle, there was an almost ethereal feel to this session that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was beautiful, and it was sweet. A few years ago, I photographed these girls all dolled up for their aunt’s wedding (which you can find here if you want to sneak a peek at these two and their parents in the gorgeous bridal party). But I think they’ve gotten even more adorable since then.

And if this first picture doesn’t sum up childhood and what it means to be sisters, I don’t know what would. daytona-beach-family-photographer family-photographer-daytona-beach ormond-beach-child-and-family-photographer lifestyle-family-portraits-daytona-beach-florida ormond-beach-lifestyle-photography family-and-child-photography-ormond-beach ormond-beach-child-photography You know, sometimes pretty much all the time, you just need to take a silly break. We took lots!
daytona-beach-family-lifestyle-photographer lifestyle-photographer-daytona-beach-florida ormond-beach-family-photography child-and-family-photographer-ormond-beach family-photographer-ormond-beach daytona-beach-child-photographer ormond-beach-family-portraits They loved doing the first running picture so much, they insisted we do it again with their mom. ormond-beach-family-photographer ormond-beach-family-portrait-photographer ormond-beach-family-and-child-photography The sweetest part of the afternoon? When I asked them what they each liked about having a sister, they didn’t just give quick answers without thinking, like, “She’s nice” or “She’s fun.” They gave really specific examples. My favorite was, “When we play, she has a really big imagination.”

Keep imagining, keep dreaming, sweet girls.

~ Laura

Wintery Equestrian Family Portraits

A year after photographing Chelsie and Josh’s wedding on her family’s spectacular property, and four years after photographing Taylor and Jerry’s wedding, I headed back down for a full set of family portraits — just this time, without any wedding attire.

Of course, these portraits wouldn’t have been complete without several of their Gypsy Vanner horses putting in an appearance. They’re part of the family, after all. Even when they weren’t asked to join in for a picture, the horses photo bombed, or simply wedged their way in with the rest of the family! The results were — as always at this place — amazing. daytona-beach-family-and-equine-photography daytona-beach-horse-photography new-smyrna-beach-family-lifestyle-photography See what I mean about photo bombing?
new-smyrna-family-photographer new-smyrna-beach-family-photographer daytona-family-lifestyle-photographer new-smyrna-beach-lifestyle-family-photography daytona-family-lifestyle-photography new-smyrna-family-lifestyle-photographer new-smyrna-beach-family-portrait-photography daytona-beach-lifestyle-photographer new-smyrna-beach-photographer new-smyrna-beach-portrait-photography new-smyrna-beach-lifestyle-photographer new-smyrna-beach-lifestyle-photography daytona-beach-lifestyle-photography new-smyrna-beach-family-photography new-smyrna-beach-portrait-photographer new-smyrna-lifestyle-portrait-photography new-smyrna-beach-photographers new-smyrna-beach-family-lifestyle-photographer new-smyrna-family-photography new-smyrna-beach-equine-photography new-smyrna-beach-photography
Love this family! Thanks for having me come out for the evening, guys!

~ Laura

Brothers’ First Beach Sunrise

Thanks to one Hurricane Matthew, we had to change what was supposed to be an afternoon beach session (on what turned out to be a very rainy, gray afternoon) to sunrise the following week (on what turned out to be an incredibly lovely morning). It was the first time these little guys had ever watched the sun rise over the ocean, and I think it’s safe to say they had a blast! ormond-beach-family-photographer daytona-beach-family-photographer daytona-beach-florida-family-photography family-photographer-ormond-beach family-photographer-ormond-beach-florida ormond-beach-family-photography ormond-beach-photography daytona-beach-family-photojournalism ormond-beach-portrait-photographer ormond-beach-family-photojournalism When the sun popped up over the horizon, it lit the sea and sky with pastels so intense, they were nearly neon.
daytona-beach-family-photography family-photography-ormond-beach daytona-beach-child-and-family-photographer ormond-beach-sunrise ormond-beach-florida-family-photography daytona-beach-child-and-baby-photographer daytona-beach-family-portrait-photographer ormond-beach-lifestyle-family-photographer Sunrise at the beach truly feels like you’ve stepped inside a magical wonderland.
daytona-beach-baby-and-child-photographer daytona-beach-family-lifestyle-photographer ormond-beach-florida ~ Laura

Friendsgiving 2016 – A Rifle Paper Co.-Inspired Gathering

It started with a piece of paper from Rifle Paper Co. A beautiful floral print in hues of sweet peach and apricot and cream and sage and fir. (If you look for it, you’ll find it peeking out on the table.) Then came the birch wood, the heirloom sterling silver, the white pumpkins, the handmade burlap utensil holders. And then, the food.

Oh, the food!

After last year’s Florida-themed Friendsgiving, we knew we had set the bar pretty high. So we decided to aim even higher, with an even more gorgeous tablescape and a more adventurous, less traditionally-Thanksgiving-y menu that was still built around locally-sourced ingredients.

I have to say, our second annual Friendsgiving was a second roaring success. And by the next morning, we were already planning for 2017. friendsgiving-2016-2 friendsgiving-2016-6 friendsgiving-2016-7 friendsgiving-2016-5 friendsgiving-2016-12 friendsgiving-2016-13 friendsgiving-2016-4 friendsgiving-2016-3 friendsgiving-2016-15 friendsgiving-2016-9 friendsgiving-2016-11 friendsgiving-2016-1 friendsgiving-2016-14 friendsgiving-2016-8 friendsgiving-2016-10

The menu:


Florida-orange-infused vodka cocktails
Hash of bacon and locally-grown sweet potato, green beans, corn, tomato, bell pepper, and onion on crostinis

Main Course(s):

Chardonnay (from California; like last year, this was our big non-Florida concession!)
Kale + spinach salad with roasted turnips and bacon-mustard-shallot vinaigrette (get the recipe that inspired it here)
Spiced sweet potato soup with coconut milk, cilantro, and pepitas
Roasted Florida shrimp with tomato and goat cheese over crispy polenta cakes


Meyer lemon chess pie
Florida vanilla-infused sherry

And today, Danny and I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

~ Laura

Engagement Portraits at Rockefeller Gardens

Bradley fell for Ivelisse not long after they met, and Ivelisse knew Bradley was the one she should marry when she saw the determination with which he pursued her. All that love absolutely bubbled over into a radiant engagement session, just a few months before they tie the knot down in Puerto Rico.

If their wedding is half as beautiful and half as joyful as their engagement session, their marriage will get off to an incredible start!
daytona-beach-engagement-photographer daytona-beach-lifestyle-photographer When this is your first frame of the day, you know you’re going to shoot an amazing engagement session!
ormond-beach-portraits ormond-beach-florida-portrait-photography ormond-beach-lifestyle-photographer ormond-beach-lifestyle-portrait-photography ormond-beach-engagement-photography ormond-beach-lifestyle-portrait-photographer Let me just say what Bradley was thinking: you are stunning, Ivelisse.
ormond-beach-portrait-photographer daytona-beach-engagement-photography ormond-beach-florida-portrait-photographer These next three are, as a photographer friend of mine put it, straight out of a Disney movie. This is pure fairytale romance captured on camera! ormond-beach-photography ormond-beach-photographer daytona-beach-photographer daytona-beach-engagement-photos ormond-beach-engagement-photos ormond-beach-engagement-photographer ormond-beach-portrait-photography ormond-beach-lifestyle-photography ormond-beach-lifestyle-engagement-photography daytona-beach-lifestyle-engagement-photographer ormond-beach-engagement Perfect, you two. Congratulations, and best wishes!

~ Laura