Slowing Down When Summer (and Life) Start Feeling Overheated

Friends, it has felt like such a hectic spring and summer around here. It probably hasn’t looked hectic from the outside. But inside it sure has felt that way.

We’ve been traveling, hosting friends and family, planning and helping run a week of summer camp, shooting sessions, making big business decisions, working on (also big) side projects and home improvement projects. Basically, it’s been back-to-back-to-back busyness for months without necessarily feeling as if we’re making measurable life progress. That can be draining. And when I say that this past Saturday — spent entirely on the couch — was the best day I’ve had in a long time, I’m not exaggerating.

That’s why we’re taking the month of August to just slow down and process. To not shoot so much — or maybe at all for a few weeks. To rest and recover energy both mental and physical, and figure out what comes next in business and in life. It’s easy to get so busy with the details of the everyday that we forget to step back, make time to take in the big picture, and plan something beyond what’s right in front of us, right now. Example: we keep talking about taking a much-needed vacation . . . and we keep putting off planning one, because there are so many other things we feel we need to do first.

(Thanks to Nate + Lori for this picture of the two of us in May!)
Laura Yang Photography So it may be kind of quiet on the blog for a few weeks. But a little bit of quiet is necessary every now and then. We’ll be planning what comes next, and recharging out mental and emotional and creative batteries so we’re ready for big things this fall!

(PS: weather-wise, we are soooooo ready for fall!)

~ Laura

Ponce Inlet Family Portraits at Lighthouse Point Park

If there’s one thing Florida is known for in the summertime, it’s thunderstorms. Well, Florida is also known for sweltering heat and steamy humidity, mosquitoes, wide beaches, tons of tourists, and — I think that pretty much sums it up. But on this particular evening, it was all about the thunderstorms. And how they skirted right around us during this Ponce Inlet family portrait session, but we never felt a drop of rain.

We waited until the thunder and lightning had passed before we ventured onto the beach, but then, voila! Florida in the summertime at its very best.
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~ Laura